If 2 months somebody would have told me that I would leave Miami Beach to go back to Tallahasse or near (Crafordfuckingville) after 36 years, I would have told him/her they were out of their minds. Instead, here I am, living in a mobile home with my ex husband ex second wife (he is remarried for the third time).  Yeah, from a beautiful condo on the beach to the woods of Tallahasse, Florida, WTF??? And on top of it, I have to thank Gd I have a roof over my head! How did this happen? very simple, my boyfriend of 7 years finished all his money and hye cnnot help any longer. You would think, after all I went through in my life, including losing a son 4 years ago, fate would live me alone to spend the rest of my life in a place I actually loved. But nooooooooo. So what is next?


Too Much Life

Too Much Life is my book, and I mean it. It is about my screwed up life. It goes something like this:”Since my birth in 1959 I have lived dozens of lifetimes. Subjected to unfair discipline at the hands of neglectful parents, I was an awkward child forced to grow up before my time. As a young woman I nervously walked the catwalk for the Miss Italy competition and learned that beauty was a form of currency that I could use. When my family moved to America to escape the shame of my father’s affair, I was dropped into a world murky with drugs and filthy with liars, yet peopled by wealthy men who would do or pay almost anything just to keep a beautiful woman happy. Among many trips, I flitted to Caesar’s Palace on the arm of one of the world’s richest men, and flew to Switzerland with another, and I was often gifted with items like jewelry and cars. In between those whirlwind adventures, I catered to men in bars, selling them sexual fantasies, living from one night to the next, often either under the influence of cocaine or Xanax, for my horrific panic attacks. And while all this was going on, I was also a mother, dreaming of creating a better life for my sons. From food stamps to riches and back. From the beaches of Acapulco and the Casino of Monte Carlo to eviction.
. What makes my story different from others is the amount and the veriaty of events, both tragic and magical. People can see themselves in one or more of the situations I found myself in, they can compare their actions and reactions against what I had decided to do. Maybe they can relate, or they can judge. The focus is on an everyday person who ends up doing extraordinary things due to pivotal events that alters her perspective about life. Not a “poor me book”, but an “amazing me” book.
At the beginning you can find child abuse, bullies, and the pain of an ugly teenager. A little later, you will find a divorce, an abortion, moving from a continent to another. However, what about the rapes, the hard life of prostitution after a splendid regular career? Not to mention the love of my life who turned out to be a phyco who killed my cats. What about falling off a moving train and the loss of a child? And so many more adventures throughout the book.”

You can find it on Kindle.  I want to talk about it, I need you to talk about it. Tell me what you have done in my place. Tell me where I went wrong.