If 2 months somebody would have told me that I would leave Miami Beach to go back to Tallahasse or near (Crafordfuckingville) after 36 years, I would have told him/her they were out of their minds. Instead, here I am, living in a mobile home with my ex husband ex second wife (he is remarried for the third time).  Yeah, from a beautiful condo on the beach to the woods of Tallahasse, Florida, WTF??? And on top of it, I have to thank Gd I have a roof over my head! How did this happen? very simple, my boyfriend of 7 years finished all his money and hye cnnot help any longer. You would think, after all I went through in my life, including losing a son 4 years ago, fate would live me alone to spend the rest of my life in a place I actually loved. But nooooooooo. So what is next?


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