One month with the “sister wife”

Jesus Christ!!!! Not only I went from South Beach to the asshole of the world in Crawfordville, Florida. In a mobile home, in the middle of nowhere, but the fucking woman is crazy!!! After  3 weeks that I was here, one night she screams:” I have for 4 cats in my house!!!”. After 3 weeks! And now she says that she is allergic! If she was allergic, she would be in the hospital by now. I do everything to make my presence as “light” as I can. All the animal stuff is in my room, including the litter boxes. I cook, I clean. I was buying the food, but that is OVER, fuck her! Like I am happy to be here! I just have no choice until my son’s business takes off! It could be 3 months, it could be 6.  You have to understand that where I ended up, there are no taxis! No Uber, no Lift!!! Can you imagine? Unbelievable! No beach…. the closest beaches here are ugly! Brown water and full of algae, yuck!!!


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